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Paul Segre

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Paul Segre is the chief executive officer at Genesys. Since taking on this position in 2007, he has led the company to consistent yearly double-digit growth and revenues of approximately $900 million. Paul joined Genesys in 2002 as chief technology officer with responsibility for product management and engineering. In 2004, he became chief operating officer with responsibility for sales, service, and support. From 2002 to 2011, Paul held a variety of executive management roles at Alcatel-Lucent, including president of the Applications Group, which included Genesys. During this time, he led a worldwide team and grew revenues to more than $2.9 billion. Prior to Genesys, Paul held senior positions at DSC, Bell Labs, and AT&T Network Systems in strategy, business development, and operations support systems development. He holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics and a master's degree in operations research from Stanford University.

Открывая новую эру в обслуживании клиентов

Я рад сообщить, что сегодня Genesys успешно завершила процедуру приобретения компании Interaction Intelligence. Одновременно с этим объявлением Genesys открывает новую эру в обслуживании клиентов. Объединяя Genesys и Interactive Intelligence, мы создаем компанию, которая станет бесспорным лидером в области инноваций. Компанию, которая полностью посвятит себя обеспечению исключительного по своему качеству потребительского опыта. Рады принять в большую Read More >